The Effective PurX > Cleanse That Works Perfectly For Stabilizing Blood Sugar & Pancreas Cleanse that restores Diabetes

Mrs Philo…
Mother and Tailor


“Before now my blood sugar readings were high when I think it should be low, and low when I think it should be high.”

“My name is Pilomina Ebede …

And I know how it feels to have an unstable blood sugar levels

I was always weak, constantly hungry and I hate injections and pin pricks…

In fact, it got to a point I could not run my tailoring business because of how weak I was…

I was introduced to all sorts of things including agbo and many things

UNTIL my Diabetes Health coach, introduced me to Purx & Cleanse that regulated my sugar level. And then I forgot about my glucometer and I stopped going from one medical center to another

If not for Doc James I wonder if I would have had the strength to run my Tailoring business or raise my child.

But now I feel strong, my body is healthy and I am shinning. Thanks to this PurXcel and Cleanse

"Results Are Not Typical"

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  • Imagine a healthy life with enough strength
  • Imagine a life free of constant injections & pin picks
  • Imagine a life without frequent hospital visits
  • Imagine a life with stable blood sugar

 Mrs Philo could only imagine this as well until she began drinking the PurXcel & Cleanse….

Who Am I

My name is Dr James, I am a wellness coach for diabetes and Blood sugar irregularities

I have helped over 1,970 Nigerians achieve a diabetes free life.

Mrs Philomena Ebede came to me when she first developed gestational diabetes while she was pregnant with her first born in 2016

However when she gave birth, her sugar level became Normal.

She was warned that this might put her at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, but she assumed that she’d only be at risk when she got much older.

Unfortunately she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2017

She Was Scared And Confused When She Was Diagnosed

Mrs Philo usually ate  “yam porridge, rice, eba, pounded yam, semo and even starch everyday. 

But she never knew it was an unhealthy choice. 

Until she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. 

The docs advised her to eat healthier and she did but yet her sugar readings were still confusing to her 

In her words… 

“I’m still confused at my blood sugar readings.It is high when I think it should be low, and low when I think it should be high.”

It was at this point she came to me for help

Diabetes Almost Ruined Her Life

The first words she said to me was

“This diabetes is destroying my life, Because of diabetes I am too weak to even continue with my tailoring business”

she continued…

“I pray everyday that I don’t lose my life to diabetes so I can raise my child. But it is as if it gets worse everyday”

“I am always weak, confused, hungry all the time and most of all I hate injections talk less of injecting myself”

After listening to all her complaints I remembered how my uncle's wife who was also diabetic used to complain about this same thing

Mrs Philo was going through the exact same thing and I knew exactly how she felt

I had done a lot of research in the past during my uncle's wife diabetic days

That was when I found a unique Diabetes Cleanser that contains a nutrient called cascra sagrata

The Rare Antioxidant Called Cascra sagrata


Cascra sagrata is a rare anti-oxidant researched by scientists and proven to stop sugar spikes, promote healthy sugar absorption & Stabilize blood sugar health


Cascra sagrata most importantly is a pancreas cleansing antioxidant that tackles the main cause of diabetes, which is the low production of insulin by the pancreas.

Cleansing the pancreas from blockage toxins and thereby releasing insulin into the body.

Cascra sagrata can be found in a plant called Clava in the deep sea coasts of Asian Japan and Korea

However, it costs a lot of money is to get because it grows inside the sea.

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The Sugar Stabilizing Cleanse & PurXcel

Anyone with blood sugar irregularities can use this rare anti-oxidant called cascara sagrata today

This has only been made possible by a unique blend called the PurXcel & Cleanse

This Capsules contains ecklonia clava a natural plant that is rich in cascara .

The Capsules also contains other nutrients that gives the body the required strength even with diabetes

I recommended the PurXcel & Cleanse to Mrs Philo and she began using it 3 months ago

Today her story is different, she now has regulated blood sugar readings and has the strength to continue her Tailoring business

This Product is registered in International Physician Dresk Refference (PDR) because of how powerful and effective it is

Mrs Philo's Life Has Changed

Now she is living a healthy life, she has taken her tailoring business to multiple openings all around Port Harcourt.

She eats healthy following a diet plan for Nigerian foods for diabetes.

She was very happy when I saw her recently and she said to me

“My diabetes has been regulated so well my nurse asked me what I used to stabilize my blood sugar and I told her NA GOD OH.”

It seemed funny when she said it we just laughed endlessly…

But what if Mrs Philo never took my advice to use the Cleanse & PurXel for her Diabetes?

What If she postponed it for another day 3 months ago, by now she would still be having irregular blood sugar or maybe things would have become worse

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