All The Drugs You Have Been Taking to Cure Your Diabetes, Why Haven’t You Gotten Your Cure Till Now?   


It is painful that after spending all the money on drugs and hospital bills, yet nothing happens. The Diabetes is still there.

Does it mean that Diabetes has no solution? NO

It has a Solution, Just that you have not seen the solution yet.

Those that have seen the solution are already curing themselves  from Diabetes permanently. 

Though the solution is a bit EXPENSIVE.

I was also in pain when all the money I spent for my own Diabetes was all in vain. They didn’t work. The painful part is that I was wasting money on it and it never worked.

Then later I discovered that Diabetes has no Permanent Cure in Nigeria as of then (few years ago). But Now, Diabetes has a Permanent Cure.

In fact… Na God directed me to this Powerful American Drug that completely Cured my Diabetes that have lasted for over 11 years.

My friends and relatives and many other persons that have used it are absolutely happy,  and they and their families are singing praises to God for this SUPER POWERFUL Drug that Trashed their Diabetes. 

Some of them, since 7, 9, 11 months, even up to 2 years they finished taking the drugs, they have never gone to hospital or taking any Diabetes Drugs again , and they are healthy and active. They are Finally Free from Diabetes.

And that is why I decided to share this same drugs that was endorsed by (American Doctors Association) with you. It is an American drugs, produced at USA. 

I have always been told that anything that is made at USA is always Quality and Effective, I confirmed it with this drugs. 

NAFDAC rushed and endorse it. 

WHO rushed and endorse it too. 

This drug is FULL of POWER to CONDEMN Diabetes and irregular blood sugar.

This is the Powerful and Effective Diabetes Drugs I am Talking about

Everyone That Used This PURE CLEANSE (Daily Build & HealthTrim) Rejoiced and Thanked Their God for Prayer Answered.

Like this Women below

God saved me from Diabetes at last! I am just happy.
I never believed that I will one get freedom from my Diabetes.
There is nothing I have not bought for my Diabetes. I just decided to try this one, and here I am today shouting Happy and Healthy. God bless that man that sold the drugs to me. God used the man and drugs to save me after spending over a million Naira on hospitals and drugs that never worked. Now I am free after taking this drugs. I am just happy. Thank you.
Esther Irediya
Esther IrediyaLagos

One of the case that baffles me was when a woman’s leg was about to be cut off(amputated) by her Doctor. According to her, she decided to give a last chance to a drug she saw on Facebook. Just 2 weeks of use, the difference was clear. Now she can use that same leg that was about to be cut to even run to where she want. This is Amazing. See her testimony below. She actually came and saw me with gifts.

Please ooo, I need these drugs so I can share to 2 of my friends who are Diabetic. They will surely buy.
My Doctor said he will cut of my leg before the decaying part spread to other parts of my body.
Then my younger brother saw your advert of Facebook and show it to my son. Initially they said they are not buying anything again as they have bought a lot of things from Facebook that never worked. They don’t want to waste their money again. My daughter talked with them and they gave it a trial and bought this Daily Build and HealthTrim from you. Thy bought the 3 months treatment. to Cut the story short, I used it even before the 3 months, every body was surprised that I’m free from Diabetes. Imagine. Thank you for this drugs. Pleas I will need to see you because I have a gift for you. I still have your number. I will call you soon.
Philomena Ebede
Philomena EbedeAbuja
I don’t usually have the time to write back to people telling them that I’m satisfied with what they gave me, but because this drugs did to me what none of the drugs I have taken did.
This drugs gave me back my health. Even though it was a bit expensive that I had to borrow money to buy it. But it gave me what I want, that is the most important thing. I will surely pay back the money I borrowed to buy this drugs happily because I got the best result from the HealthTrim and Daily Build.
Thanks so much for this.
Nnamani Kelvin
Nnamani KelvinEnugu


If You Really Want to Cure Your Diabetes, Do Not Leave Here Without Ordering for This Powerful American Drug and Join Thousands of Those it Has Brought Back Their Health.

I Have Been Buying So Many Other Drugs and Yet They Didn’t Work, 
How am I Sure This One Will Work?

You are not alone, I ask this same question when I was about to get the drugs. Almost everyone that bought this drugs asked the same question.

The difference was that they gave it a trial, and the trial convinced them. You can give it a trial and see the massive change in your health.

PURE CLEANSE (HealthTrim and Daily Build) Contain the most Powerful and effective ingredients that the drugs you have used didn’t contain. These ingredients are Cost and Scarce and Hard to get which make it EFFECTIVE, POWERFUL AND COSTLY. Once you finish using it, the Diabetes will Absolutely be OVER for good.

It contains — Rhamnus purshiana 

A very Scarce, Costly and powerfully effective ingredient that reduces and normalizes BLOOD SUGAR and monitors it to get stable.

It Also Contains — Dandelion root 

An amazing and powerful ingredient that all it does it to begin the process of gradual cure of the Diabetes from week 2 of intake till the 3 months of usage.

Make sure you get this drug if you want cure to the Diabetes.

I wish I can write more of the POWERFUL, AMAZING GLORIOUS things this drug supplement has been doing in the lives of Diabetic Patients. 

It’s So surprising. So Amazing. People are Getting FREE from Diabetes through this Wonderful drugs every day. You can be one of them in the next few months if you buy it and start using NOW.


Are You Still Doubting?


Do Not Doubt Anymore Because You are Protected and You will Not Loose Anything When You get this Drugs.

I am so confidence and very Sure of this Supplement drugs that it works with Amazing effects. No one has ever used this drugs endorsed by American Doctors and complain. Everyone keep giving testimonies.

I used it and for 90 days and it CURED my Diabetes.

My friends and relatives used it and it cured them.

Thousand of people in the country and outside the country used it and it Cured them

TELL ME WHY IT WILL NOT CURE YOUR DIABETES.  Are you not a human being?


Ar You Among Them?

Among those that believe that Diabetes has no Cure but management. Yes it is true. Diabetes has no Cure before. Even till now a lot of doctors don’t know the cure and that’s why they never gave you the drugs that cure yours.

Not until 4 Smart and Clever men from USA discovered this PURE CLEANSE that all it does is to completely dissolve Diabetes, Normalize Blood sugar and gives people free life.

Thanks to those men that discovered it.

You Will Get Your Money Back

If for any reason you take this drugs using the prescribed dosage for the 90 days and you are not satisfied with it, our Phone number and WhatsApp number is at the end of this page, Call us, Chat us or Write to us to Get your Money back.

We will Write an Apology letter to you and refund your money to your bank account. If you don’t have bank account, you will have it cash.

More and More People Are Sharing Their Testimonies Everyday! Join Them Today and Share Your Own Testimony

When I was buying this drug, I already had in mind that I would ask for refund if it didn’t work. I concluded that it would not work because there is no drug I have not bought for my Diabetes, but I was disappointed by my thought.
I don’t just know how to start thanking you . Your HeathTrim and Daily Build is a Miracle in my life.
Till today I am still surprised. I have referred up to 4 persons to buy this drugs from you. God used you to save my life through this drug.
Mike Mary
Mike MaryDelta

The Professionally designed way to take this HealthTrim CLEANSE for BEST Result of Terminating Diabetes is…

Take 4 Capsule in the Morning and 4 Capsules in the evening with Plenty of Water.

Take it 45 minutes before or after meal and 45 minutes before going to bed if you wish.

Finish the one bottle of this HealthTrim before Starting one bottle of Daily Build. It’s 60 Capsules.

The Professionally designed way to take this Daily Build for BEST Result of Terminating Diabetes is…

Take 3 Capsule in the Morning and 3 Capsules in the evening with Plenty of Water.

Take it 45 minutes before or after meal and 45 minutes before going to bed if you wish.

Start taking one bottle of this Daily Build after the one bottle of HealthTrim has finished. It’s 120 Capsules.

I had type 2 Diabetes, I have taken so so many drugs that never worked, I wasted my money buying them. When I saw your HealthTrim and Daily Build and noticed it’s different from the ones I have been taken, I decided to buy the 6 bottles. I followed the exact dosage and procedure you prescribed, it’s over 6 months now I finished the drugs. Even though I still check my blood sugar ones in a month, in fact my doctor told me that I don’t have Diabetes again. Even my Doctor was surprised and asked me to give him your number to contact you so he can get it from you for his patients. I thank you for helping to save my life.
Mrs Yusuf
Mrs YusufKaduna

This  almighty US Drugs That Completely and Permanently CONDEMNS Diabetes Come in 3 Packages that You Have to Select the Best of them.

2 Bottles to Be Taken for One Month

This 2 Bottles will go a long way to Curing the Diabetes.Take it for 1 Month.

The Cost is #63,000
(Simple Pack)

4 Bottles to Be Taken for Two Months

This 4 Bottles is Wonderful and will do Almost All the Magic You Have Been Looking For. Take it for 2 Months
The Cost is #105,000
(Mega Pack)

6 Bottles to Be Taken for 3 Months (The Best Pack)

This is the Pack that Completely & Permanently Cure the Diabetes Forever. Take it for 3 Months and see the Magic

The Cost is #153,000
(The Magic Pack)

Can You Remember How Much You Have Already Spent on this Diabetes and Unstable Blood Sugar, yet it’s NEVER Cured?

Why not Get This PURE CLEANSE (HealthTrim & Daily Build) to Finally Knock OFF, CURE and Permanently Dissolve the Diabetes in Your System before the next 3 Months!


Barnadette Aina

Medical Health Practitioner of the highest qualification, 38 years of medical practice..

“Although I would rather support domestic medicine, but This USA based PURE CLEANSE researches managed to develop the most effective drug for Diabetes and Blood Sugar restoration and protection.

In my opinion, its advantages are due to a very precise combination of anthocyanins from Rhamnus Herbs , Wolf-berries and carotenoids.

Thanks to this fact, Supreme Pure CleanseTherapy is able to remove the reasons for Blood Glucose irregularities and things that causes Diabetes, rather than simply hiding the problems, as often done by drugs.

As of today, I have recommended this remedy to nearly a thousand of my patients. Many of them have completed the therapy and are extremely satisfied with the result.

Perfect Recipe.

I Recommend PURE CLEANSE —HealthTrim & Daily Build— to Any Serious Person.”  



The all natural ingredients of this drugs is exceptionally made to tackle Diabetes without giving any side effects to the body. Tested and proven by Professional doctors.
Tested and Endorses by Association of American Doctors. Tested and endorsed by NAFDAC and WHO.


Over 8,487+ and counting Nigerians now trust the almighty HealthTrim & Daily Build to help Remedy their Diabetes and Blood Sugar problems. More people every day are seeing awesome results. Get ready for a transformation too. 
Use it today and come back with your testimony.


See More of What they Said Below

My son has spent all the money he made just to see that I live, he took me from hospital to hospital to treat and cure my diabetes, yet No cure. One day he came to the hospital I was, and gave me 6 bottles of Pure Cleanse-HealthTrim & Daily Build and told me how to take it. I started taking it, few days, I started seeing results, before I finished taking it, I was discharged from hospital. And since then, over 12 months now, I never ever used Insulin again, my blood sugar became normal and I never experience diabetes again.
Thanks a lot.

Cyril Molema
I sing praise to God for reviving my life with this Pure Cleanse drug. Thank you sooo much for helping me out. A test was conducted by my Doctor, he said my blood sugar is now normalised, and it has been normal for over 7 months now. He also said I don’t have Diabetes anymore.
Am so happy. Thank you.
Theo Omene
Theo OmeneOwerri
Can you imagine that I have been wasting my money all these while on drugs that never worked.
Why haven’t I have seen this drug since the past 9 years I started taking Diabetes drug.
I though I would never be cured of Diabetes and abnormal blood sugar again.
This your Pure Cleanse surprised me.
I gave some other persons your contact to get it from you.
Even though it is cost, but the price is far far far cheaper than what it does.
Thank you.
I have and will still recommend anybody I know, to even borrow money and buy this drug.
Segun Adedeji
Segun AdedejiOgun

If these men and women, plus other thousands of Nigerians and non Nigerians are using this NEW, POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE Pure Cleanse drug endorsed by USA Doctors to Completely Dissolve Diabetes in their system, 

What are you waiting for before you join them?

Because of how Powerful and how wonderful this drugs works, a lot of people are rushing to get this drugs that it is remaining only 54 bottles left with us. It could finish before the next 2 or 3 days. 

Order yours Now to be among those to get it before it finishes.

We will import another batch by next 8 months when this 54 bottles finishes. 

Fill the form below to get yours now or you wait till the next 8 months and by then you may not even see this post to know when it came. 

NOW is the BEST Opportunity for you. DO NOT Loose this Opportunity of restoring your health back.


If this drug can cure a woman that her leg was already decaying, whom her doctor said that the only solution was to CUT OFF her leg.

There is no single reason it will not completely and permanently DISSOLVE your Diabetes and Normalize your Blood Sugar.

Give it a Try and Watch How Magical it will Trash that Diabetes as it has been doing to others. 

GET READY to share your testimony with me and people around you.


Of course you will NOT Loose anything .

If it doesn’t work for you, Return the empty bottles to me and have your full money back to your account.

This drug have been endorsed by high level medical professionals from United States and Nigeria.



DO NOT Loose this Amazing Opportunity that comes once in a long time. It may take a lot of time to get this opportunity again. Grab it Now. Do yourself this favor. Diabetes is Bad. It Has Killed a lot of people. 

You will Totally get your FREEDOM if you use this Pure Cleanse.


Before the Price go back to #250,000 for the 6 bottles, #190,000 for the 4 bottles & #110,000 for the 2 bottles in the next 5 days. And before the remaining 52 bottles finish.


Make sure you have the Money with you before you Order.

Make sure you will be available to receive it when we call to deliver.

If you can’t answer our call when we call, please do not Order.

It’s for those that want to help themselves and those that are serious.   

”There is a Huge demand for this product. So if our line is busy, please keep calling back or you just send text message or WhatsAPP our number or Fill the Form to Order We shall contact you soon.

Believe me, this product is so fantastic, it will worth more than whatever time and money you spend to order for it

You will forever appreciate it”



My  Name Is Dr Francis

A medical practitioner                  

 I am a Nigerian  based in the United States and a holistic solution finder of natural herbal, Drugs and supplements that help the body achieve its full potential 


I teamed up with a lot of surgeons and scientists in order to get the natural solution for Diabetes and Blood sugar.

I also collaborated with the best marketers in USA, U.K and Nigeria my hometown to deliver this special natural solution to the world, particularly in Nigeria.  

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