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 Let me tell you how I started

 My name is

Sabastine Onyinyechi

 I am a digital marketer

I am a coach and have mentored a lot of people that are highly successful today


When I joined Network Marketing some years back, I was doing the Network Marketing the old way which do not produce any good result


I was moving from street to street, getting tired every day trying to sell my product, yet no improvement in my Network Marketing Business


I was disturbing my family members, friends, neighbors and anybody I see on the way with flyers, just for them to join my downlines, yet I was actually wasting my time


I have stood on the road side near the market in my street to give people flyers, yet no success



I don’t want to bore you with my ugly stories.

You know what Network marketer faces, and the rejection they go through from people. It was so painful for me  


But some months ago, things changed for me

I paid heavy amount of money to my friend to teach me digital marketing


After learning digital marketing, I began to apply it in my network marketing business, and to my surprise I started getting people I don’t even know online to sign up.


Like play like play. I began to sign up to 10 people every day without even talking with them for the first time


All I do is to put up article in my mini website that didn’t take me up to 20 minutes to create Using my digital skill, I set up an automated funnel that do the talking for me in my absence even while I am sleeping at night


I drive traffic of people who are very much interested in Network marketing to my website, they read my article and they get interested to join my team.


I automatically direct them to Online Zoom Presentation of my company’s  Compensation plans, they attend the zoom presentation and they get interested to join.


With this digital strategy, I am able to get up to and more than 10 interested Network Marketers to join my team every single day


After they make payment to the company’s account and after their payment is confirmed, I would personally start working with them. I teach and coach them to do what I do without stress


Every single thing I do to sign up 10 persons daily, I hand them over to my downlines and teach them to replicate exactly what I do


Most of the people I register don’t have the online skill to do this, But I take my time teach them how to set it up within I week, free of charge


I have to teach them free of charge because if they learn and began to get their own 10 persons daily, every one of us will benefit


Within 1 week, I’m done teaching them and helping them to set up their funnel and run ads on Facebook to start getting their own 10 persons per day.

They do exactly what I do, and everyone of us is happy. Simple


The name of the Network company I partner with is PURE (People United Reaching Everyone)


PURE is a USA company that presently has 65 different kinds of Health products

But presently they have 6 products in Nigeria



Their Supplement product takes care of different kind of Health problem ranging from Diabetes, Glaucoma – Cataract, Eye problem, Hypertension, and so many health problems


The company and product has been approved by NAFDAC Because of how potent, effective and save the company and products are,



Nigerian Medical Association has signed partnership with this company Because of how efficacious the company and products are


Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria has signed partnership with this company too


I don’t believe you should be doubting this

Well to avoid doubt, kindly watch the videos below to see for yourself

President of Nigerian Medical Association confirming their Partnership with PURE

President of Pharmaceutical Society of Nigera confirming their Partnership with PURE

I don’t want to brag with this company, but the truth is that this company PURE is the only Network company in Nigeria that Nigeria Medical Association, and Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria are in partnership with as of the time of writing this


This is even one of the reasons I joined the company, and it’s also one of the major reason a lot of people are joining the company too, even Doctors, Pharmacists, Lawyers, Civil servants and a lot of people are beginning to join the company


And it’s also the most important reason I encourage people to join the company too.


A lot of Pharmacy shops are begining to sell this company's products too.


Doctors are using this company's products to treat their patients


The company is 13 years old in United States and just a little above 1 year old in Nigeria



PURE Nigerian main office is at Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos 


The Company has wonderful compensation plans


Through the company you can travel to Dubai, Canada, Paris and different countries of the world, and you can qualify to travel up to 2 times a year all for free


Through the company you can qualify for Mercedes Benz Car award.

You can qualify for several Android phones, Laptop and several other compensations

Within 1 year my upline did this Business using our Digital strategy, he was able to travel twice in a year, qualify for Mercedes Benz and a lot of benefits


As of now, just within 1 year of doing this business, PURE company pays him over 4 Million Naira per week. I just wish you will believe this.

It’s unfortunate I can’t share screenshot here, whether you believe it or not there is no problem about that. My concern is to help as many people are possible to achieve this great success


Imagine if you begin to register 10 persons per day without stress, and teach those you registered how to get their own 10 persons per day without stress, and the trend goes down, by this time next year, why won’t you hit that target? 

You Need to Know How, and I will teach and mentor you for FREE


It’s easy to get the 10 persons per day online using Facebook ads and funnel which is what I will teach you for free


I have spent over #250,000 to learn this

I charges #150,000 to teach people, but I teaches my downlines free of charge because their success brings more of my success

So if you join my team and downline, I will teach you and follow you up, give you my template, help you set up your funnel and Facebook ads so you can start getting about 10 downlines per day.



And I will coach you, to teach those your downlines how to get their own 10 downlines per day. It’s easy to achieve. I’m used to it



All I need from you is, Give me 1 hour or 2 hour of your time per day, and I will teach you this business


My promise to you, if you give me 1 hour or 2 hours per day to do what I instruct you to do within this hours, by this time next year, you will be making up to 1 Million Naira per week from PURE Company


You should know by now that there is money in Network marketing. The problem is that people finds it difficult to recruit people


But here is me trying to teach you how to sit in your house, wearing your boxer and singlet, without disturbing people and calling them on phone

And you will be signing up at least 10 people you don't even know every day


  • What I need are your 1 hour or 2 hours per day


  • Your Good Android phone


  • Your Laptop


  • Your Facebook account and Gmail account


  • You then sign up under my downline


Then we are good to go.

You will join my WhatsApp group, have my phone number and WhatsApp number, within 1 or 2 weeks I must have put you through and guide you to start getting your own 10 persons per day


Again I promise you, if you follow my instruction, by this time next year, you will be recieving over 1 Million Naira every week from this PURE company 



Will you join my winning team?


You need to first of all attend our zoom online meeting presentation so you understand how my company operates and their compensation plan, then after that, you make payment and join us.

In the presentation, the company's product, what it works and how it work will be explained, then the Company's Compensation plan will be explained too 

After you register and make payment, we shall start immediately


I will then show you the new way.

I cannot leave you without your success.



Do you know why?

The more you succeed, the more I succeed. That’s why it is called “Network Marketing” So I will hand over everything to you, teach and mentor you till you succeed, if you follow me, in the next 6 months, you will be surprise at how your life will change for better


If you will like to join me, you need to download Zoom meeting App on your phone so as to join our company online presentation

But First of all, FILL the form Below if you are sure you want to work with me


I Will Teach you, Coach you and Mentor you for FREE

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